Olga Makrushenko


Born 1956

Trained at the Moscow Institute of Engineering and Physics, Olga Makrushenko was employed as a mathematical engineer for ten years from 1979 at the Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Energy. She studied painting at the Department of Painting, Moscow State Pedagogical Institute and took various courses on colour techniques. After Russians were allowed to travel more freely she established a connection with Broadland Art Centre, Norfolk, and Nature in Art, Gloucester, England and demonstrated her elaborate technique there, combining watercolour, pencil and air brush. She has exhibited widely in Moscow, at the Hunt Institute in 2006 and in Focus on Nature in 2006. She visited Chang-Mai, Thailand for the first South East Asian Conference on Botanical Art in 2006 entitled ‘Botanical Illustration for Tropical Plants’. She is particularly fond of iris, lilies and magnolia which are good subjects for her lush and flowing technique. In 2017 she had a solo show in Mytistchinskyi Art and History Museum.

Works by Olga Makrushenko in the collection