Shirley: The Life of a Botanical Adventurer

Dr Shirley Sherwood OBE and Ivan Fallon

Whether reading Botany at Oxford University, working as a research scientist on a Nobel prize-winning team, setting up a five-star hotel brand and reviving the Orient Express trains with her husband James or spearheading the renaissance of botanical art with her renowned collection, Dr Shirley Sherwood OBE has had a remarkable life. Read all about it in her new autobiography, where she reminisces on the highs and lows of her 90 years.

Zadok Ben-David: Natural Reserve

Zadok Ben-David: published 2021

The book celebrates the work of Ben-David, and features the moody floor installation Blackfield, containing over 17,000 miniatures of flowers, duplicated and hand painted from 900 different species. The book also includes the video installation Conversation Peace and wall installations Evolution and Theory and Natural Reserve. It also includes new works inspired by botanical drawings in Kew’s archives from the 15th - 18th century, made in China, Japan and Europe.

The Shirley Sherwood Collection: Modern Masterpieces of Botanical Art

Shirley Sherwood (published 2019)

This book is a celebration of the Shirley Sherwood Collection of contemporary botanical art, made over a period of 30 years by Dr Shirley Sherwood and considered the most important private collection of its kind in the world.

Treasures of Botanical Art

Shirley Sherwood and Martyn Rix (first published 2008, reprinted 2019)

Kew Publication. Reveals the history of botanical painting, its beauty and science with works from two renowned collections and over 100 significant artists.

The Art of Plant Evolution

W John Kress and Shirley Sherwood (published 2009)

136 paintings from the Shirley Sherwood Collection, arranged in the most up-to-date evolutionary sequence, that show the relationship between art and science using the latest DNA analysis.

A Passion for Plants, Contemporary Botanical Artists

Shirley Sherwood (published 2001)

Celebrating botanical art from the Shirley Sherwood Collection with work from over 80 painters living in 20 different countries around the world


"This is an ESSENTIAL book for any aspiring botanical artist." -

Contemporary Botanical Artists; The Shirley Sherwood Collection

Shirley Sherwood (published 1997)

Celebrating the renaissance of botanical art work collected during five years from over a hundred painters living in sixteen different countries.

A New Flowering; 1000 Years of Botanical Art

Shirley Sherwood (published 2005)

Book to accompany the Ashmolean’s 2005 exhibition providing a unique opportunity to compare illustrations by contemporary artists from the Shirley Sherwood Collection alongside remarkable botanical art of the past found in Oxford's collections and libraries.

Old and New; South American Botanical Art

M. Pilar de San Pio Aladren and Shirley Sherwood (published 2010)

South American botany is revealed through the juxtaposition of 62 drawings commissioned by Jose Celestino Mutis between 1783 and 1816 and a similar number of contemporary paintings from the Shirley Sherwood Collection.

Out of print

Rory McEwen; The Colours of Reality

Shirley Sherwood – contributor (published 2013)

Describes the life and work of this enigmatic man.  Shirley Sherwood considers his legacy and influence on today’s botanical artists as illustrated by works from her collection