Gustavo Surlo


Born 1996

Gustavo Surlo was born in Itamaraju, Brasil in 1996. He took drawing classes from the age of 6, with Samuel Ribeiro as a teacher. At 2017 he graduated as biologist from the University of Bahia and in 2018 was chosen as the student of Margaret Mee artist scholarship at the RBG, Kew. His first international award came at the age of 18, at the Latin American Congress of Botany, portraying a endangered orchid. The main objective of his work is to alert to the preservation of the species portrayed.


Works by Gustavo Surlo in the collection


Dr Shirley Sherwood Presents: 'Nymphaea rudgeana' by Gustavo Surlo


Standing as one of the youngest artists in the Collection, 2018 Margaret Mee Scholar, Gustavo Surlo has dedicated his body of work to help in the preservation of endangered species. Nymphaea rugeana is one of a series of waterlily works by Gustavo and is currently displayed at The Wonderful World of Water Plants at Kew Gardens.