Sarah Graham


Born 1973

Sarah completed two MA’s at Edinburgh University and College of Art in History of Art and Fine Art 1992 – 1996. Then she had 10 years travelling and painting across the world from Australia to Tajikistan and made a film ‘Beyond the Mountains of Heaven’ and co-wrote a book ‘Silk Road, Troubled Dreams’. She started exhibiting in London in 2006 and Shirley Sherwood first saw her work in Sims Reed Gallery there in 2008, where she acquired ‘Big Fir’, a large study of a cone of Leucadendron strobilinum which she had collected on Table Mountain, Cape Town. Since then she has exhibited annually in London, New York or Aspen. She has recently been concentrating on one plant subject, Medinilla magnifica, studying various aspects of this dramatic tropical plant, from its leaves to its shocking pink flowers, always enlarged and now either in graphite or using coloured ink on paper.


Works by Sarah Graham in the collection