Rosie Sanders


Born 1944

Rosie Sanders’ unique style of painting pushes the boundaries of botanical art with her grand scale, magnified flower paintings. Whilst fitting loosely into the botanical tradition in terms of subject and accuracy, the size of her compositions and intensity of colour set her apart from her contemporaries and defy categorisation. In the large scale watercolours Sanders explores the sculptural and sensual nature of flowers, at the same time capturing their abstract qualities, unique textures and interesting plays of light. She has been awarded 5 Gold medals by the RHS and a Royal Academy Miniature award.


Works by Rosie Sanders in the collection


Dr. Shirley Sherwood Presents: Pitcher Plants (Sarracenia X Whittarii) by Rosie Sanders


We're featuring one of Britain's best watercolour artists today. This is the striking 'Pitcher Plants' (Sarracenia x Whittarii) by Rosie Sanders.