Daphne Gradidge


Born 1953

Daphne Gradidge did a foundation year at Winchester School of Art (1972-73), followed by theatre design at Nottingham Art School(1973-76) and post-graduate at the Slade (1979-81). She worked initially in theatre, then on the painting and restoration of murals in public and private buildings. Since the 1990s she has focused on her personal interests in drawing and studio-based painting. Found natural objects, pattern and systematic formations are abiding interests.


Works by Daphne Gradidge in the collection


Dr. Shirley Sherwood Presents: Red, by Daphne Gradidge


In this video, Shirley discusses Daphne Gradidge’s ‘Red’, an intricate assemblage of apples, hips, and leaves. Vibrant tones of crimson and scarlet run throughout the composition.