Mariko Imai


Born 1942

Mariko Imai was awarded and RHS Gold Medal in 1996 and has had her work on the cover of the RHS Japan Magazine. In 1997, she went to live a in small village in the north of Honshu where she started to grown her own vegetables and cultivate a collection of Asarum - and hopes to produce and illustrate a monograph of the genus

Works by Mariko Imai in the collection


Dr. Shirley Sherwood Presents: Nepenthes Maxima Superba by Mariko Imai


This is the stunning Nepenthes Maxima Superba by Japanese artist Mariko Imai who has 12 paintings in the Shirley Sherwood Collection. This one is currently hanging in the entrance hall of Shirley's son's family home and is much admired by all.