Bronwyn van de Graaff


Born 1964

Born in Sydney and now living in Avoca Beach, NSW, with her family, Bronwyn practised as a criminal lawyer before becoming a full-time painter in 2012. In 2018 she spent the winter in Falls Creek, Victoria, drawing and painting snowgums.
For many years I have been painting botanical and natural history subjects from life. My paintings are highly observed and detailed and aim to have a richness of depth, colour and luminosity which is created by applying many thin layers of glazing. They take many months to complete. I am currently exploring the natural world by painting feathers and bird wings found as roadkill. I also specialise in still life oil paintings inspired by the Dutch Renaissance and highly detailed paintings and drawings of flora, fauna, in particular feathers, cacti and sea creatures. I am also painting the theme of the Garden of Eden with richly coloured oil paintings which include exotic plants, birds, and still life with tropical fruits.
Bronwyn was awarded a gold medal at the RHS in 2004.

Works by Bronwyn van de Graaff in the collection