The Florilegium: Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, Sydney Celebrating 200 Years

In the Shirley Sherwood Gallery;s 10th year, Kew welcomed a unique collection of contemporary botanical art from The Florilegium Society at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney.  First opened in 1816, RBG Sydney is Australia’s oldest scientific institution and its history is tied to Kew - a relationship that endures and is stronger than ever today.

The exhibition comprised works illustrating the incredible diversity of flora grown at the botanic gardens in Sydney. The term ‘florilegium’ means ‘a gathering of flowers’ and was first used in 1590 to define a book focused on the beauty of plants. ‘A gathering of flowers’ might seem like an understatement to describe this breath-taking exhibition of exquisitely detailed life-sized works by 64 Australian and international artists of The Florilegium Society.