Paradise Lost

‘Paradise Lost’ explores themes of habitat loss and the fragility of nature and is inspired by a journey made by Sir Joseph Banks. Banks was a young scientist aboard the HMS Endeavour, captained by James Cook, on its famed exploration of the South Pacific in 1768. He collected cuttings from over 1,000 species of plant previously unknown to Europe and went on to become Kew's fist unofficial director, cementing his reputation as a world-renowned botanist along the way.
Under Banks' oversight, Kew flourished as a centre of botanical research and this year marks the 200th anniversary of his death.
Dutch-born Hendrix is lauded for creating a unique marriage of art and science and this promises to be a truly immersive, ground-breaking exhibition for the gallery. He's lived and worked in Mexico since 1978 where he was awarded the Order of the Aztec Eagle - the highest Mexican award given to foreigners - for his work in art and architecture.
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Thanks and credit to Roger Wooldridge for the photographs used in this post.