Modern Masterpieces of Botanical Art - The Shirley Sherwood Collection

Split into geographical regions, this exhibition fills all six gallery spaces, including one dedicated to works by artists from the British Isles.

Admire the exquisite details of endangered plants and newly discovered species. From delicate colour palettes to theatrical arrangements, explore a variety of artworks that celebrate the diversity of botanical art. Don't miss the striking watercolour Strelitzia nicolai by Beverly Allen, or the dramatic Laelia tenebrosa by Pandora Sellars. 

The book accompanying the exhibition,The Shirley Sherwood Collection: Modern Masterpieces of Botanical Art is available to buy here

Since 1990 Dr Sherwood has built one of the most important private contemporary botanical art collections in the world, comprising over 1,000 works by 303 artists from 36 countries.

The Shirley Sherwood Gallery at Kew is the first public gallery in the world dedicated to botanical art, and last year welcomed its one millionth visitor